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Control your future credit score!™

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It is now easier than ever to track all your scores with simple charts or in-depth information.


See exactly what is helping or hurting your credit score. Get your 120-Day Plan to a better score.


Be the master of your credit score! Use ScoreMaster® before you apply for credit, make payments or spend money.

Plus, Your Money, Credit & Insurance

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All your online banking in one place. Use action buttons to quickly ask questions and resolve problems.

Money Manager

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Your mobile or email Alerts have action buttons to quickly ask questions and resolve problems.

Plus, you get $1 million identity fraud insurance for your whole family.

Alerts & Insurance


A simple and innovative way to view your credit report. Use action buttons to quickly ask questions and resolve problems.

Smart Credit Report®

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  • ScoreTracker

  • ScoreBuilder®

  • ScoreMaster®

  • Money Manager

  • Smart Credit Report®

  • $1mm Fraud Insurance




Get Your 3B Credit Scores and Reports with Monitoring


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Tess M.

"I use the action button almost every day for my money and credit report. Thank you for a simple tool!"


Adrian L.

"Thank you, it is very easy to use. I clicked on the action button to change my address without having to call or write them."


Melissa G.

"I love being able to work on my credit score with ScoreBuilder."

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With the increased risk of identity theft and credit fraud, it's more important than ever to know what's happening with your credit at all times. While reviewing your full credit report throughout the year is a great way to stay on top of your credit, your financial information needs all the protection you can give it.

With a credit monitoring service you can trust, not only will you be able to receive your credit reports and scores easily, you will also be notified if any suspicious or unauthorized activity occurs on your credit report.

With SmartCredit®, our goal is to provide you with a simple platform for your money and credit all in one place, and with innovative tools to help you rest assured that your credit accounts are being monitored 24/7.

With tools such as ScoreTracker, ScoreBuilder®, and ScoreMaster®, you can now track your credit scores easier than ever before and see what is helping or hurting your credit score. Also, use our, Action buttons to easily communicate directly with your creditors, and be on your way to becoming the master of your future credit score.


Take a look at some of the innovative credit monitoring tools we offer.

  • Credit Monitoring & 3-Bureau Credit Reports & Scores
    Your credit score is one of the most valuable financial tools you have in life. With SmartCredit®'s credit monitoring services, you can insure yourself against identity theft and track not only your credit reports, but your daily credit and financial transactions as well. Your credit report is like a report card of your entire financial history. With SmartCredit®, you can quickly receive your three bureau credit reports and scores in an easy-to-read format and review it regularly for accuracy to start becoming the master of your credit score today!
  • Identity Fraud Insurance
    With more than nine million Americans experiencing credit card fraud and identity theft each year, the need for identity theft insurance grows every day. Our $1MM Family Fraud Insurance gives you peace of mind in the event that you or a family member in your household become the victim of identity theft.
  • Dispute Errors on Your Credit Reports
    Dispute Errors on Your Credit Reports
  • Check Your Credit Score
    Your credit score plays a vital role in credit decisions and can open the door to many opportunities. Enroll with SmartCredit® today and not only are you provided with the different types of credit scores that exist, but also credit score tools that allow you to take more control of your credit score. Sign up with SmartCredit® to get your credit report and to start controlling your future credit score today!
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