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Take Control of Your Financial Future

Start Improving Your Credit Score Today!



Taking Your Credit Score to
New Heights!

Challenge & Remove Negative Items

We challenge every incorrect & negative item on your credit report. From Collections, Repos, Charge Offs, Hard Inquiries, Late Payments, Student Loans and More! 

Add Good Credit

We help you open specifically selected accounts/cards to add positive items to your credit report.

Educate & Assist

We teach you how to continue to build and keep your new high score.

We are Here to Help You Obtain Your Financial Goals

Home Buying
Car Purchase
Start a Business
Good Credit

Repair Plans


The Process

Day 1

Free Consultation & Enrollment

After completing your consultation along with submitting payment credentials for your billing, you will be given instructions via your welcome email and welcome text message on the necessary steps needed to move along with the process.

Day 3-7


Sign Credit Repair Agreement. Signup for credit monitoring and upload proof of identity documents. Once you complete this your job is done!

Day 8-30

Disputing & The Waiting Game

We prep your file for disputing and mail out disputes. After a dispute is filed with the bureaus they have 30 days to investigate. Once we get any updates you will receive communication from us so you know whats going on.

Day 30-40

New Reports & Scores, 2nd Round of Disputes

This is the time for us to re-evaluate and strategize! After we have reviewed your file as a whole, we will then follow up with all necessary credit reporting agencies, original creditors, and re-investigate and submit plan B of disputes.

Day 45 +

+ New Credit & Ongoing Battle 

At this point we will recommend Cards to re-establish and rebuild your credit. Although you may notice the results slowing down here, that does not mean that is it and you must wave the white flag. Each month, with each round, we get more and more aggressive until we are victorious. 



“Manvel and his team increased my score over 100 points!”

Katrina P.

Guaranteed Results or

Your Money Back!

No hidden fees or bait and switch tactics.

No contracts. Cancel as soon as you are satisfied with your credit score.

No questions asked.

Money back guarantee if no changes to credit report in 120 days.



Let’s Work On Your Credit!

Principal Office

7901 4th St N STE 6593

St. Petersburg, FL 33702


Tel: (727) 202-1048

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